Florals for the generally flower averse


Summer is upon us, and floral prints are making a comeback– well as much of a comeback as something that had never really gone away can. They’re back on every type of clothing – in print and 3D (embroidered onto things), and even in unexpected places like bomber jackets and on handbags.

I’m not the biggest fan of flowers, except from a distance on the shrubs they grow on, or in a pretty picture. And while floral prints have always been around, I’ve tended to shy away from them for the most part (big bold colours and prints are not my thing, though I do like ’em on other people). Of course, I am in a minority, especially in this part of the universe which embraces both colour and print. So it surprises me that I’m enchanted by the trend, yet at the same time, I can’t really see myself traipsing around town wearing clothes with big, vivid blooms splashed across my person. Which got me thinking about how one could enjoy the trend without feeling like a magnet for every eye and insect in the city.

Here are a few ideas!

Think small.


While larger bolder prints may not be your thing, perhaps look for smaller prints like this Mango dress, this Forever New one or this one from FabAlley.

Go subtle


Who says your floral prints have to be in a contrasting colour? With self-prints, floral lace and embossed materials, you can fully enjoy being on-trend, without looking like a walking-talking garden!

Detail it


The devil is in the details – a spot of embroidery or embellishment can give your outfit that little extra bit of sweetness without going full-on jardin des fleurs on your person. Look for pieces that have just a tiny bit of detailing – or get your tailor to add some. After all, there’s nothing like a bespoke to set you apart from the masses.

Balance it out.


A floral print skirt with a neutral top or vice versa, is a good way to wear the trend to work and still look polished and professional. And

Pick up unexpected pieces.


Like flowery gym pants or a jacket that has a pretty print. A little bit of quirk never hurt anyone.

Accessories talk too.


A flower hair clip, a brooch, a belt, a bag or even a statement pair of shoes are great too.

You’ll find plenty to choose from on shopping sites like my current go-to: Jabong – with firang brands like Next, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, and home brands like FabAlley, Biba, Melange (by Lifestyle), Global Desi, as well as in stores. Zara has quite a few embroidered pieces that are as pretty as, as do Promod and Marks and Spencer. Forever New is my favourite place for the lacy stuff. Finally, when it comes to looking good in what you’re wearing, confidence is half the battle. So wear your flowers with pride ladies!



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