#OOTD Emma Stone in Stella McCartney and Jenny Slate in Valentino

Last week was a blur for me – but that didn’t mean our favourite celebs sat at home and ate cheese strings while the rest of us slogged away. A lot of fashion happened, and after much debate and consideration, I managed to pick two outfits that really stood out to me.

Emma Stone is in what I’m assuming is the final lap of the promotions for La La Land, – this time making an appearance at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where she and Ryan Gosling took home special honours for what is being touted as the film of the year. For the occasion, she wore a Stella McCartney fringe dress with cutouts and a strappy open back. Sticking with her current MO, she let the dress take centerstage by keeping the hair and make up muted with soft waves, kohl rimmed eyes and a peachy pout.
Simple, sexy and stunning.



My other pick from the week gone by was Jenny Slate in Valentino at the Lego Batman movie premiere. Jenny’s floral and dotted dress brought the sweet to the sheer trend that is showing no signs of going away. She layered it with a black bra and mini skirt, which I thought kept the look cool without veering into trying too hard territory. Pulled back hair, white heels (rather than the obvious black), and red lips completed the pretty picture. Personally I’d add a narrow belt and swap the white shoes for a pair red ‘nudist’ sandals, but it was a good look for a kid’s movie.

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