The Sneaker Returns

Queen Victoria – Beckham – made the headlines earlier this year, when she closed out her show at New York fashion week in just-out-of-the-box sneakers, and went on to say that she was giving up heels for everyday stuff. There was a collective ‘say what’ that echoed around the globe – you probably heard it too! Sure, we’re seeing more celebs get on with their business in this comfy staple instead of tottering around on terrifyingly high heels. However, there are those who have been wearing them for ages and doing it very well. Kristen Stewart, Hollywood’s rebel child for instance, who has even switched her painful heels for her sneaks while on the red carpet. Mila Kunis is another big fan – atleast for her day to day errands. Also, my favourite supermodel-millenials of the moment, KenGi have been schooling the rest of us on how we can work the sneaker pretty much anywhere.

Die-hard fashionistas have, for the longest time, advocated that sneakers should be confined to the gym. But if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably ignored them in favour of comfort for your poor overworked and under-appreciated feet, fashion be damned. Why does it have to be a choice – style or comfort? Esp, when you can have both?

Personally, I’ve been a huge fan of the sneaker for ages – for work, for knocking around, and for extended nights on the dance floor (once in a blue moon). There was a some trial and a lot of error (case in point, white super chunky Nike runners), but I think I’ve finally figured out how to wear ’em and not look like a fashion tragedy!

Sneaks 2

The biggest thing to consider is the sneaker itself – I’d say choose sleek over chunky. My favs are a pair of Adidas Originals (pictured below) that I have used and abused quite a bit. Black, white or colour – that depends on you, but a neutral is easier to match with clothes. Living in the land of dust, I tend to shy away from white though I do love how they look. And if you’re not a fan of the lace up ones, maybe try the slip on kind.

Next, what kind of outfits can you wear with your sneaks? Just about anything. They look good with skirts, skinny jeans, not so skinny pants, and dresses. The two things that you might want to consider are the length of your pants – at the ankle IMO, and the fit of your dress / skirt – I think they go pretty well with skater and pencil skirts, short and long, but I’m not such a fan when they are teamed with midi-length outfits.

Sneaks 3

So are you a fan of the sneaker? Would you hop on the bandwagon or are you already on it? How do you like



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