Culottes make a comeback!

I sat up and took notice of the culotte trend, for the first time, sometime last year when Ashley Madekwe took to the red carpet in a Self Potrait two piece. But she wasn’t the first celeb to hit the red carpet wearing them – culottes had already made their return on runways, red carpets and the streets, atleast a couple of years ago, if memory serves. Victoria Beckham presented them in her Spring 2014 collection, and modeled the look in Sep 2013; everyone’s favourite Russian fashionista – Miraslova Duma wore a leather pair to a Fendi party that same year, and Rooney Mara wore some her film screening at the LA film festival. Most recently, Jessica Alba took my breath away at the Dior show during Paris Fashion week, looking impeccable in a tailored pair, which she matched with a white shirt and black jacket, all courtesy of the brand.

With all the love that this style is getting, I had to find out if mere mortals could also wear them and look as good. Much mall walking and selfie taking in trial rooms ensued as I went looking for a pair that I liked. In the end, I tasted sweet success with a striped pair (pic below) from home brand AND, which met most of my criteria: not terribly expensive, tailored but not stiff, a defined waist with a zipper closer, not too wide and not too long. I would have liked them to sit slightly higher on the waist and be less sheer, but otherwise, these are a pretty close to what I wanted!

cul 2

The next question was how to style them. I sourced inspiration from the mistresses of fashion on pinterest, who showed me that they could be quite versatile – certainly appropriate for work, a date night, black carpet events, or just to loaf about in.  In the end, I matched my pants with a clingy top and heels.  Can I just say comfortable but certainly not dowdy?

Now I’m obsessed. I really Really REALLY want a tailored pair, like Ms. Alba’s, but maybe in cobalt blue? While I’m hunting them down, here’s some inspiration if you’d like try the trend too.

Side note, Zara, Mango, Marks and Spencer, Vero Moda and AND all offer some version of the culotte at the moment. Happy shopping!

cul 3


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