The t-shirt dress, not just for supermodels

It wasn’t love at first sight, or for that matter, second. It took a fair bit of cajoling before I agreed to try it on. But it was love at first try!

I’d always thought T shirt dresses were for the likes of super modelesque PYTs with endless Kendall Jenner-like legs and non-existent waists. Certainly they were not for women like me, who like the batter as much as the cake, and wear the proof of the pudding in the shape of a muffin top that seems to vary in size as the day progresses. I’m happy to report that I was and continue to be wrong.

The key to pulling off the T-shirt dress, as with most clothes, lies in finding the right size. (To be clear, this isn’t an oversized T-shirt that you wear as a dress!)

For me, this meant going one size up, so instead of fitting like second skin, particularly in the problem areas, my dress skims over them. Fabric is another area to consider – I’d say look for a happy medium between unforgiving superfine material and the kind that could cut off circulation. It goes without saying, that what you wear underneath is as important, which for me is no-VPL underwear that fits just right. I generally style my dress with sneaks, or, though you won’t see them in the pic below, a trusty pair of Clark’s walking shoes – so whatever works for you really! And finally, as clichéd as it sounds, dress for comfort, but wear it with confidence.

Another summer must-have, in my book, here’s some inspiration from celebs around and yours truly! Side note, they also make great maternity wear (clearly the Kardashians were on to something)!




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