The stylings of Elizabeth Banks


Elizabeth Banks has been my Red Carpet Queen and woman crush forever! I mean, have you seen her work the carpet? She goes all out – and has fun with her look. What I love most, though is that she isn’t married (contractually) to any particular brand, although Elie Saab is clearly a hot favourite, and gives us fans quite a range. Her stylish outings don’t end on the red carpet though – she’s as colourful and effervescent in her looks for press conferences, interviews and any other appearances she makes. She’s not afraid of a fashion risk or two, embraces quirk, and her shoe game is most definitely on point. Unboring, sexy, yet, so lady-like. What more could anyone ask for?


Elizabeth is sure on her way to becoming a powerhouse in Hollywood, wearing her acting-producing-directing hats, but she’s always been a fashion force to be reckoned with – if you ask me!

For now, feast your eyes on some of her best looks over the past few years (I had such a hard time picking out my favourites).



P.S. I don’t own these pictures and am not using them for commercial ends! 

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